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Academic project report

1. At the beginning of our semester, our respected teacher told us to set a personal or professional goal which can be achieved within these few weeks by getting help from your partner. At this purpose, I choose my professional goal which is to be a senior executive in a renowned organization in Bangladesh. I told him some lacking in my working place which I find out from the last few months. This is my first job experience where my partner has more than 10 years of job experience so it would be very helpful to get valuable ideas from him. When i discussed with my partner’s at 1st class, i told my partner what is my professional goal. Soi want to achieve my promotion within a few months. So i asked him to help me how can i achieve my professional goal within few months because my partner already has more than 10 years experience in job market, where i am totally new in job market. After my graduation, i started my first job in the beginning of this year. I am now working at Grameen Shamogree as an executive in sales and marketing department. Because of my fist job experience, i can feel that i have some lacking in working place. I told my project partner some certain point what i want to improve by his help. He has already work experience in this current field that’s why he feels it would be easy to help me to overcome my lacking and would be easy to reach my professional goal within few months. 

I mentioned some points what i need to improve-
2.Time management
3.Build up a good relationship with buyers, customers and corporate clients
4.Increase deep product knowledge (Fabric and current fashion styles)
5.Need to expand more knowledge on a marketing plan and set up.
2. My partner is Tanvir Mehedy, I told him to give suggestion and ideas to overcome my lacking and every week we create a progress report about it, and every lacking we gave two weeks to overcome it.
3. I told my partner to follow up my progress over phone or messenger or physically attending in the campus. I planned to fulfill each lacking in two weeks or less.
4. From the 2nd week- We discuss our project plan every week when we both got free time. Like we used facebook, sometimes phone call and in class also we discuss how we both going to help each other to complete our professional goals. When i talked with him he explained from his experience how he overcomes when he faced any problems in office. After hearing from him, i got some knowledge how to behave and work in organization. He is now working fashion fabrics garments which company mainly exports their products to different countries like USA, UK, Australia, etc and different renowned brand also main customers of his company. And luckily i am also working with brand name of “Grameen check” is also unique name of fashion brand in Bangladesh. Because of our section is related he told me some basic knowledge about fabric and fashion companies and it works. This way 2nd week i got lot of information from him about industries of the fashion house in Bangladesh.
3rd and 4th weekAfter two week discussion we both know each other’s problems what we need to fix to reach our professional goals. I told him about my behavior in organization. Sometimes i felt very angry on my colleagues with very little thing. He told me how to overcome my angriness and how to be always in clam in organization which is most important part. Sometimes i felt very angry when other’s fault come to me, that time i can’t tolerate i told directly to my supervisor what was the real fact thus how my colleges become angry with me. My partner told me not to impatience , i have to increase my patience level and before inform anything to authority i need to solve with my co-workers, otherwise he told me all become rudeness’ with me in my organization. If it is happens, he told it would be very hard to work in any organization. After discussion with him, i understood what have to do next it same thing again happen in my office. And most important part is, after discussed with that matter, same thing with happen in office with my co-workers who works under me. But that time i didn’t shout him, fist i asked him what was happen and then i find out the solution and i behaved him nicely and told him to make this same mistake again in our sales-showroom. Thus way i am thinking i am becomes more professionalism now and i know how to handle any critical situation in organization. Because after 3 weeks i tried my level best to improve my patience skills how my partner’s told me and somehow now i have believe on myself i am getting helpful from his ideas and knowledge.
5th week- I also discussed with my partner about my time management problem in daily life. He told me fist i have to make a daily routine plan and he told me maintain that entire time chart. He helped me to make this plan and he tired to knock me every day and tried to confirm whether i am maintaining my time chart or not. Sometimes i also late in office, he told me to get better work facilities and promotion i have to maintain office time accurately. Otherwise it create obstacles to get my promotion. My partner also suggests me from the 2nd week to apply a better post in other organization s well. I also applied few jobs via bd jobs and i also got some interview calls. He also prepared me before any interview session. Last i got an interview call from ACI motors for senior executive post. I told my partner and he told me how i need to prepare for interview. He told me i need to get knowledge about ACI motors and their works, how i have to go on interview location and he also suggested me to go before at least 30 minutes earlier. And most important part was that, my interviewer also asked me same questions what me and my partner prepared together. I was so much confident in my interview session and i still hope that i will get a second call for next step.
6th week and 7th week– My partners also suggest me to build up relationship with my current clients and customers who would be very helpful to build up my career life. In my current job, i have assigned to do of our all outsourcing products maintenance as well. My partners also doing this type of work so it would be very easy to suggest me how can i build up relationship with my outsourcing clients. He told me to do always keep contact with clients, if no orders still try to contact with them. After getting suggestion from my partner, i tried to maintain a good relationship with my clients. Before any order and after order, i tried to communicate with nicely and when they called me i always tried to give my time and tried to understand their current situation about our organization. My clients always contact with me to get their payment as soon as possible but sometimes i felt in serious situation because my organization sometimes took long time to give their payment. I discussed with my partners about that situation, he told me not to very anxious, and he told me how I have to handle both clients and my organization situation. He suggested to me that, told earlier to my client if anything happens to delay payment or reason of any other situation. I did same thing like that, in my last time my client from Rajshahi, due of some reasons we gave their payment late. To maintain a good relationship with my client, i told him earlier that why we gave him late payment. He understood our situation and he was very happy that how i communicate with them. After that happens, he always tried to contact only with me from my organization to give his order or any problem he only now contact with me. I did same thing with all my clients and when i visited my outlets i also tried maintain a good relationship with my customers as well. To understand the market, i visited to markets and tried to understand customer’s view of point about the others brands and cloths which also helpful to me to build up relationship with them.
8th week and 9th week-After several weeks of discussion, this two weeks we decided we work out with another lacking of product knowledge. I am very new in job sector life and also have lack of knowledge about garments fabrics and work activities. I am very lucky that i got my partner who has several years of experience of same garments industries. Fist we discussed in Face book about how i can enrich my product knowledge and current fashion trend to improve my brand as well. He told him me to do some research for other competitors companies to know how and which types of products and techniques they used to get more customers. For getting more product knowledge he suggests me to visit different types of organization or areas where products can make from raw materials. Because he knows that i would love to do travel. For that reason he suggested me to travel more to get more knowledge about products. After getting this idea, i told my boss i want to go visit some of places where we ordered our products. Then my boss suggested to me visit Norshingdi on of our biggest client who deliver products. When i visited that place, that factory’s people told me how they made these types of products from cotton and how they wash and color their fabrics. After visiting that place, i discussed with my partner about my experience. He was very happy to hear that i got some information from raw materials and he always told me visited those types of place where i can get physical experience of knowledge.
10th and 11th week– Every week we talked via facebook and sometimes make a call to know about our progress of our goal. Most important thing is that my partner who has a long time experience in job sector which create a easy going path to complete my professional goals. He always encourages me to apply jobs as a senior executive post.  He told me that i improve already and he could notice my change in my behavior. He also checked my resume and give some valuable feedback to make a good resume. In this two week we more focused on how to make a good marketing plan. He told me if i want to build up my career into this marketing field i need a expand knowledge in this field. He told me to check others fashion’s outlets marketing plan and how my competitive brand did their marketing to promote their products day by day. And most important part within these two weeks of discussion, i got an interview call for the post of senior officer from a well known garments factory called Babylon. And my interview was 10th August morning at 9am. Before attend to that interview i talked with my partners, and he encourages me to attend the interview and he also point out some important which topics may become from interview board. At the interview time, ist i attend the written test and after successfully done this i attend an interview with HR group and after that my final viva was with Executive Director of this company. In final viva, we had only two candidates who successfully done all those steps of selection procedure. I was so much confident at that time and viva board also so much happy with my performance. But they had only one confusion about my MBA and this was full time job and long working hours that only make a negative side in that interview. But i am still confident i will a get positive feedback from that company as a senior officer.
 5. As I mentioned in my week progress, I got two calls from renowned companies and had two session interviews and I felt that I will get final call from them. After a successful interview from the Babylon group, I am still hopeful that i will get a job offer as a senior officer. If it happens, i would be successful in my professional goal. After 3 months with supervising from my partners, which made me more professional in job sector life and i able to get a expand knowledge from current market trends and work activities.
6 I believed that to reach any kind of goal it is necessary to have someone gaudiness which make your pat easier. Because what lacking I have may be someone doesn’t have this type of problems and when he gives you guidelines to overcome it, it would be very helpful for your success and easier to reach goal. To reach my goal, my partner has a great contribution to reach to my goal to fulfilling by overcoming the lacking. As our meeting time was prescheduled in every week and I had to take serious preparation to fulfill my target for this week as well as to hear good comments from my partner that I’m making remarkable progress to my goal. Sometimes he gave me positive feedback and sometimes he gave me constructive feedback on how I can overcome my problems. I liked his way how he tried to understand the situation about organization place, he knew that I had short temper and he told me how I have to overcome it which may be very harmful for me as working time if I had this problem. Every week he asked how was my work, how I behave to an organization and what happened, did I get any call which makes me always active to do hard work in my professional life.
7. I learned from this experience; within proper time management and hard work bring your success in your life easy.  If anybody fixes up a target which is achievable from his present position and find out the lacking that obstructs him to be his desired position and give proper time and dedication to fulfill those lacking with full concentration with the help of a mentor as well as a supporter it would be very easier to reach that person’s goal.
8. Initially, when I tried to overcome my lacking, i felt it is very difficult to me but after few days later with hard-working, I was starting to overcome it one by one. Because i have only six months job experience in job filed, so I thought it would very hard to find another job as a senior executive. But most important part was within few months i got two calls as a post of the senior executive which i think because of my hardworking, punctuality and patience. Now i believe that if you want something from your heart with hard working definitely you will achieve your goal. Fist two weeks we felt some obstacles like a timing problem, and fist time we were unknown people and after day by day we knew each other which make us more comfortable with each other and i can assure that this friendship would forever which start from this project.
9. Yes, I can also apply these techniques to increase the yearly sales target of our sales center or reach to achieve my personal goal to visit all places in Bangladesh.
10. This partner project would be very helpful in my future career as well because within these three months I am able to know how one’s supervising overcome your lacking. From this project, I learned many things which i already mentioned but I can say one thing different people have different perception in any topics but when we mixed it together with others perception that create a good result and I believed that I already made a good result within few months in my working life. If I want to achieve my sales target for the company, this way would be easy to monitor my all sales center staffs to achieve the goal with a short period of time. If I tell them I will take weekly progress reports about their sales and we will discuss every week about our target and discuss how we will achieve our target then all staff would be more hardworking and be conscious about their work because every time they will monitoring by me.

Academic Report Writing part 2

academic journal or academic report
academic report


At the beginning of the semester, I have set a goal which was achievable over the semester. I have set the goal by discussing it with my partner. My goal was to complete the basic tutorials of guitar practice from Learn and Master Guitar manual by “Steve Krenz” This was a personal goal of mine. Who knows I may also become the next guitar legend of Bangladesh. I was really excited when I first started to learn guitar but as I started to practice those workshops alone at my residence. I felt really boring and I lost my vision. I shared these experience with my partner who loves music. And it was surprising to know that he was also fond of playing guitar. My partner Md. Atiqur Rahman was really excited to motivate me to achieve my goal.


I asked my partner to keep track of my progress. The support I got from my partner was overwhelming. He was very excited to listen to my practices. He asked me to meet at least one a week which inspired me a lot. It boosted my interest to learn guitar a lot.


We then decided to meet once a week and also keep track of our progress over the phone twice a week. We made a schedule that we would meet every Monday and we will make phone conversation every Thursday and Saturday. To set the schedule was the most effective step towards our goal.


            Over the course of the semester we continuously keep track of each other’s progress. We have seen each other’s dream and goal as one of our personal goal. We shared our feelings together. We set the targets to achieve the goal. We shared our experiences and finally everything helped us and made it so easy for us to achieve our goals.


We both have almost reached my goals so far. We still have one week in hand. By this time we will be successful to achieve our goals one hundred percent.


It was a big support. As I was not enjoying my practice alone. I was getting demotivated. By the encouragement from my partner, I was motivated a lot. He helped me to reach my goals. Maybe without the support from him I could not achieve this personal goal anyway by this short time. Time is the most valuable thing of our life. If we can maximize our time we can maximize our life. By the support from my partner I have reached my potential and maximized my time. It was a great lesson for my life. This project taught me also another most important lesson which was consistency. Whatever the situation is we need to be consistent.


I learned that helping someone to reach his goals is a great responsibility which makes me more responsible to achieve my goals, as I am suggesting or motivating someone I myself feel that I need to be more conscious about my own goals and responsibilities.


The main difficulty was that I lived at Mohammadpur residential area, which was far from my partner’s residence, so we have to meet each other after the class or before the class at North-south University. And maintained the communication by all means.


Yes! Obviously, this type of collaboration can be very useful in every human bonding. I can collaborate with a business partner, friends, family, relatives or maybe my fiancé too. In fact I was thing to work with my project partner as we are working on the same platform of online business, we may help each other establish our online business through collaboration.


In the future, it can be the key to every successful relationship with each and every person around me. Sharing and caring for each other is the main key to live a happy and successful life.

Academic Report Part 3

academic report example
academic report example

I have worked in Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd. before starting this semester I quite the job and decided to work in the online marketplace. In the online there are so many sectors, that’s why targeted to work on data entry and search engine optimization to get experience and continue my study. My partner is experienced in this sector. I asked him so many issues about SEO and explained my plan even I asked him in which way I should go and how can I achieved my target? What he think about my plan? We had lots of plan when we started our work in the online marketplace. However, during our Eid vacation, I went to my home that’s why we could not seat together to talk about our plan. Although we could not seat together but we contact each other by social network and directly over the phone. After back from the eid vacation we seat together in tea stall, our university canteen, university library, boys lounge, reading room even we visit each other flat and talked about our plan. He sent me sixty videos related to Search Engine Optimization he told me to see this videos if I felt to understand any one of those videos we discussed each other to seat together or social networking side like facebook, messenger, viber and so on.. My partner plan was to be a guitarist and his dream is to make a music band. Our plan was he will play guitar and I will give him feedback about his performance. We had plan Each day he will play different types of music tune as we are not bored. I got a best faculty in this course and also got a good friend who helped me during my critical situations. He supported me not only for my goals but also for other important situation of my life. Here I would like to share some experience I gathered through the log of our interactions… 
Ø Finding a partner like Md Rashed Ali was a great achievement for me. He was so much helpful, cooperative from the beginning of our semester. Ø He helped me to how to work in the search engine optimization. Ø In past I faced so many problem on that time there was not anyone to help me I just search in the Google regarding my problem and solve it by myself but this time my partner helped me to solve any problem. He guided me as like my instructor. I reach the goal fully. It was not possible by me without my partner helps. He helped me begin my plan through…

Ø First he suggests me how to open an account in up work .com. Ø How to approve account in up work? 


Ø How to make a cover letter to apply for the work?

Ø What was my bid range?
 Ø What type of work I should choose? After taking his suggestions I got three works in this sector and one work is continuing remaining two works I have done with successfully. After that I felt I actually reached my goal successfully. Everything was possible with proper instruction which I got from my partner Mr. Rashed Ali. It was not possible by me without his help. So I would like to say thanks, my partner.

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