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Mobile Phone Paragraph

What is a mobile phone?

The mobile phone is a wireless device used to communicate with others. It is a wonderful creation by the blessings of science. The device also known as cell phone can be carried at any place. Using the portable electronic device we can make a call, send messages, calculate, play games and do many important things.

Who are the users of the mobile phone?

Nowadays, we cannot think about a day without it. From child to adult, everyone uses a mobile phone for their own purpose. Watching the favorite cartoon or playing games are most popular among the young stars. Adults commonly use their phones to surf the internet. The importance of using cell phones is increasing every day.

How does it function?

A cell phone uses the cell tower to transmit and receive information. It works as a two-way radio.

Mobile phone operators in Bangladesh

Grameenphone, Robi, Airtel, Banglalink, Citycel are the biggest service providers in Bangladesh.

Advantages of using a mobile phone

There are many advantages to it. People of all classes can share their valuable information using it. Businessman, Farmer, Employees, Teacher, students everyone can benefit from it. We can easily recharge our phone, pay the utility bills and much more. It has also brought the world closer. Anyone from any country can communicate just like a next-door neighbor.

Demerits of using a mobile phone

However, with all the merits, a mobile phone has some demerits too. The excessive use of mobile phones may cause fatal diseases like cancer, brain tumors, etc. It can harm our brain cells and eyes when we watch or talk through it. So, we should be very careful about using the cellular device.

Own Comments

In spite of having a few disadvantages, the importance of a mobile phone in our daily life is very alarming. We should use mobile phone according to our needs. The government should protect the harmful use of it like for any criminal activities.

World Best Mobile Phone

Top mobile phone brands in Bangladesh
Top mobile phone brands

Who doesn’t eagerly wait to find out what’s new in a newly launched cell phone? The Use of electronic devices is increasing every day. As a developing country, Bangladesh is way ahead in using the latest technologies. As the use of the latest technology mobile phones is increasing, the top brands are now more focusing on improving the quality of their devices. Below are the most popular brands among Bangladeshis.

  1. Xiaomi
  2. Oppo
  3. Apple
  4. Samsung
  5. Huawei
  6. Symphony
  7. Walton
  8. One plus
  9. Tecno
  10. Realme


Nowadays xiaomi is playing a leading role in mobile brands around the world. Xiaomi is basically a Chinese electronic company. This company started their journey in 2010 with making lots of electronic devices. In 2011 they  released their first smartphone and gained huge popularity. Right now xiaomi holds the best quality products on a friendly budget. That’s why their market place is increasing not just in china but also around the world. Xiaomi has its self developed mobile phone chip capabilities. It’s new looks,designs,ultra features & durable qualities attract its customers & impress them in every way. In Bangladesh their market share is up to 7.8% & rising every day.


Oppo entered the Bangladeshi smartphone market a few years ago. Within a short time oppo captured 5% of the smartphone market in Bangladesh. Oppo launched their first phone in 2008. From the beginning their target was to explore technologies. Now oppo has the abilities to bring extraordinary & aesthetic ideas of technology to impress their customers globally. As they are producing smart devices, internet services like oppo cloud & ultrasonic features, cameras with high definition. For that reason Oppi is a globally familiar smartphone brand nowadays & capturing a lot of market shares.

Apple (i phone)

iphone price in bangladesh
iphone in bangladesh

Apple is an American multinational technology-based company. Apple started its journey in 1975. Now it is considered one of the big technology companies along with Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Behind this success, they struggled a lot to introduce new technologies to their customers. Now they have gained faith in their consumers. So that their customers eagerly wait to get the new feature they have launched. 

Only because Apple has made the consumers feel like they are exceptional for having the device or product. Indeed the iPhone’s biggest success is its ios which becomes more strong because of its hardware which is built only to stabilise and boost ios performance. Its hardware and software congruous makes it rush much smoother than any other mobile OS available presently. One dominant reason for Apple’s success is its dynamic, constantly changing, business plan. They know very well what their customers want, so that they make customer choices & make place in the smartphone market upto 50%.

Samsung Phone

Samsung is the most popular smartphone brand in the world. It holds number one position in mobile brands. Almost for four years they have been standing in the number one position. Bangladeshi peoples also like Samsung phones a lot. Samsung snug 33% of the smartphone market in the world. In Bangladesh they grasp 15% of the mobile phone market. 

Samsung amnesty a lot of new models every year. After launching their first android in Bangladesh Samsung got their popularity in a huge range. Because of their camera’s high quality, display,durability & their slim figure phones with 5″ display. Their most popular series are M & A series, which customers can get on a friendly budget .


Huawei is the second largest telecommunication company in the world. This company inaugurally targets on assembling phone switches, network systems, adding optional & consulting services. Huawei has extended their quality of product’s. They got more durable and good branding value with high quality cameras. Because of their quality product, they have gained trust of their customers of Bangladesh. As a result Huawei got their market share of 9.082% in Bangladesh & its increasing undoubtedly. 


Edison is the owner of Symphony mobile phone brand. Symphony mobile is a Bangladeshi product with huge success in the country. The brand has their own manufacturing factory in Bangladesh. The company imports necessary parts from China though still they produce and assemble the parts here in the country. The company gained this immense success when there was a revolution of smartphones around the glove. As they bring the latest technology android phone in the local market at such a cheap price.

Walton Mobile Bangladesh

The first brand in Bangladesh to assemble electronics within the country on a massive scale. The Primo Series caught the eyes of the Bangladeshis. Walten touched the soul of many Bangladeshis being a local brand with most featured phones and lowest price possible. 

  • Reasonable pricing, 
  • Durability,
  • Strong hardware
  • Latest software

Rising Phone Brands

Rising Phone Brands
Rising Phone Brands


OnePlus was formed by the ex-people of Oppo as like the Realme. Infact the CEO Pete Lau was the VP of oppo. OnePlus is currently the second leading smartphone brand in India after Samsung.  

The company focuses on

  • Premium smartphone
  • Minimalistic design and 
  • User-friendliness

Tecno Mobile

iTel is the sister concern of Techno. Tecno Mobile started their journey primarily on Africa and South Asia. Later, they expanded their business towards the Middle-East and India. Techno is one of the most sold mobile brand companies in Bangladesh.


Realme is a chinese smartphone manufacturing brand. It was formed by the ex-employees from Oppo. The band built their first factory in Gazipur, Bangladesh. They tend to offer cheaper prices for their product in the local market. 

Realme focuses to meet the needs of the young generation.

  • Trendy design, 
  • Affordable price, 
  • Efficient performance, 
  • Good battery backup and 
  • Fine quality camera.

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