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Cox’s Bazar is a coastal town in Bangladesh where you will find the world’s largest natural sandy beach. It is 120 – 125 kilometers continuous sandy shore including mud slate. Cox’s Bazar is a district of the Chittagong division. It is located 93m south of Chittagong. 

Cox’s Bazar is a major tourist destination in Bangladesh. It is surrounded by hilly regions & coastal islands. Its natural resources and beauty will blow your mind & soul. Here you can easily enjoy the sunrise and sunset in the open blue sky. You will quickly realize why so many people love cox’s bazar, while you once see the picturesque beach area. This stilly coast has forested hills along with its length and is the perfect spot to find some colorful conch shells, starfish & jellyfish. Cox’s bazar is landed throughout the land as if its a contender for one of the best natural wonders of the world. This area of Cox’s bazar is free from shark & quicksand what makes cox’s bazar sea beach, the safest sea beach in the world. But you have to be careful though for your own safety. 

If you are looking for a place to enjoy with your family,  just to relax your body & make your mind cheerful, then cox’s bazar is the best choice to visit. Because cox’s bazar has it all to make you pleased. This beach is neat and clean as water is most often crystal clear here. And the waves are medium to high but safe for you to handle. Don’t go too deep unless you know how to swim hard. This is so amazing because when you are going to arrive here, you will forget all your stress and you will actually start to enjoy the moment.

Bangladesh holds the record of having the world’s largest & longest sandy beach. Close to the beach, there are lots of five-star hotels and restaurants as well as resorts.

  • Mermaid Beach Resort 
  • Mermaid Eco Resort 


Royal Tulip Sea Pearl Beach Resort

Long Beach Hotel Cox’s Bazar 

Sea princess Hotel Cox’s Bazar 

Hotel The Cox Today 

Sayeman Beach Resort 

These are the best hotels around the beach with all the accommodation & facilities. 

At the beach, you will find some of the best places for Bengali seafood. Despite the crowd during peak season, cox’s bazar has a lot to offer to the tourists around the world. Street 3, vendors selling dried fish & fruits, pickles, ornaments, and so many other things. Combine the beach lifestyle with shopping at the town’s local markets, where you can find souvenirs ranging from conch shells jewelry, chandeliers to handmade cigars and cloths. You are also going to see beach concerts, kites fair, infinity pool, hawkers, newmarket, sand statues & also the beautiful sunset. From hawkers, you can buy food & drinks and many ornaments. 

Along with that, you can also taste the best seafood around the street restaurant at a low cost. There are so many different rides that you can enjoy like surfing, kayaking, jet-skiing, water scooters & parasailing. Horses are available for rides. These are all very much cheap. Living cost in Bangladesh is very low. 

During off-peak season or on the season, you can always enjoy the wave, sands also you can play soccer, football, volleyball, surfing, swimming sunrise to sunset. Also you can enjoy the sea by seated on a chair with your favorite coconut. 

After visiting cox’s bazar, you can also visit many nearby beautiful places. There are a lot of cultural places to visit like Aggameda khyang Monastery a Buddhist monastery with religious manuscripts, images & a prayer chamber. From this place take the 16 kilometers to drive out to Ramu, a fascinating village with monasteries, pagodas, golden Buddhas and a riverside temple with a giant bronze Buddha statue also Moheshkhali Island with its ancient pagoda. Also, you can visit the nearest coral stones in Inani beach or the stream in Himachari hills. 

You can visit Cox’s bazar very easily as it is connected with 

  1. Highways, 
  1. Train stations ( not directly to cox’s bazar but via Chittagong. So you have to go to Chittagong first then you have to get a bus or hire a car to reach your final destination. There are 5 express trains that leave from Dhaka to Chittagong. For more details please check the website, Railway bd to ensure the times and trains.
  1. Airport (Air is the fastest way to travel Cox’s bazar. Air flights are always available from Dhaka to Cox’s bazar.)

# Biman Bangladesh 

# Nova air

# US Bangla Airlines 

# Regent Airways

It is located 300 kilometers far from the capital. Choice transport wisely.

After reaching your final destination you are going to find out how friendly & well behaved the local people are. There are coast guards & tourist guards, who are always there to guide you or help you anytime you need. The guards and tourist policies play a vital role to make a safe & sound visit for the tourists. After visiting cox’s bazar, We are sure it shall be a memorable journey of your life. Let us know about your experiences using the contact page. Cheers!

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