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partner project

Academic Project Report 

Academic project report 1. At the beginning of our semester, our respected teacher told us to set a personal or professional goal which can be achieved within these few weeks…


Facilitation case study 4 cases 

Guide Form Four Groups.   Group 1:  Advertising firm Case 1:    In an advertising firm, you have been monitoring an advertising project of Robi Axiata limited as a manager. Now…


Fertility Mortality and Migration 

Today I am going to give my presentation on Fertility, Mortality and Migration of Bangladesh. Perhaps, Most of us have seen “The Footprint of Adam alaihi wasallam” on TV channel…

distress children

Distress children of Dhaka city 

Dhaka city is a city where versatile peoples live together. Most of the broken families of our society are victim of such circumstances of distress children irrespective of rich to…

air polution school science project

Air Pollution School Project 

Science Project on Air pollution Human life is so deeply and invariably related to the environment. We can not live without breathing air. Sometimes this air gets polluted due to…

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